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Just heard about the Ocicat? Unlike some wild-appearing breeds, the Ocicat is not descended from an Ocelot (or any other wild animal!). It is a mix of the all-domestic breeds of Abysinnian, Siamese, and American Shorthair. There is no similarity between the Ocicat and wild hybrids like the Bengal, Savannah, Ashera, and others, except that they have spots! For more about the typical Ocicat, see

About the Ocicat and Living with an Ocicat

The Ocicat is an excellent companion, whether you are looking for a pet, a great agility competitor, or a show cat!

Want to know more about the Ocicat's history? See The Beginning

Interested in the Ocicat's 12 beautiful colors? See Colors

The Ocicat is a very successful show cat. For more information (and lots of pictures) see


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